Our production department consists of sheet metal and welding workshops, machine shop and service and assembly. Common to all areas of activity is that we have the resources and capacity for work with large and heavy constructions.

Sheet metal and welding workshop

Description: Steel capacity: 20 mm
Stainless steel capacity: 13 mm
Maximum cutting length: 3 100 mm
Press power: 220 tons
Height: 3100
Press power: 450 ton
Width: 4300 mm
Measure: 430x700mm
+45° 430x300mm
-45° 430x400mm
Length: 200mm
Thickness: 5mm
Adjustable cutting angle
Thickness: 13mm, digital
Width: 3050mm, digital
Thickness: <30mm, digital
Width: <3100mm, digital
Description: 2 pcs. 10 tons, lift height
6.5 m, 1 st 6.3 tonnes, lift height 6.5

Machine workshop

Dimensions: X = 12,000 mm. Y = 3,600 mm.
Z = 1 600 mm. W = 1 600mm.
Two round feeding table with
each 60 tons load capacity.
Heidenhain 530. ISO50 wife, 80th tool.
CNC controlled lathe 1000 / 600x6000
Load capacity 4800 kg in spindle. 
8000kg with stud and more with support dolls.
Speed 0 - 1400 rpm

Description: 800/500X4000mm

We have invested in a cutter. (Bed milling)
Description: Table 4200 x 1200mm
Movement X = 4000mm Y = 1400mm
Z = 1500mm.
Indexable head.
Spindle speed 40-6000 rpm.
Tool changer 40 tools.
Prepared with 4th axis.
CNC control Heidenhaim iTNC-530.
Description: Table: 3200 x 1000,
4000 kg, movement X = 3000 Y = 1200
Z = 1250, CNC Heidenhain TNC 415b
Universal milling head.
Description: Table: 1200 x 635
max load 1000kg
motion X = 1020 Y = 600 Z = 560 (150-710)
CNC Heidenhain TNC 426,
32 tools, high pressure flushing by spindle.
Description: Table: 1200 x 600mm,
max load 500 kg;
Movement X = 1020 Y = 610 Z = 610mm
4th shaft cnc-controlled round table Ø255
Heidenhain TNC 530, 30 tools,
rpm 12000 with,
high pressure flushing through spindle
Diameter 330mm
Length 1000mm.
Diameter: 550 mm.
Length: 2,000 mm.
Tech In lathe
Max load: 100 tons
Ceiling height 12 m
Height under traverse: 8 m

Service and assembly

Our external operations consist of welding, assembly and service work of mechanical plants, as well as fans, gearboxes, ovens and the like at the customers’ on their equipment. This under their management or ours.

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